Liberty Over Web Ultimatum Securely Destroy Racism Reform Debate

This Nation Was Built on Rebellion Against Tyranny.

Yet tyranny is rampant.  Not only is it rampant, but it is obvious.

It's Obvious in Congress.

When somebody gets elected to a position like Congress, there is a group of people just waiting to exploit that district for everything that it’s worth.

As long as you go in popular, stay popular and have room to grow, an elite group of people will give you everything you need to keep you there so that they can wretch control away from the people and keep it in their hands.  They’ll give you anything you want as long as you play by their rules and make certain guarantees.

That’s what happens without a term limit.

Promising people get elected into power, and those who have been there for 30+ years will do everything they can to get them to turn their back on those who they represent in order to get a kickback.  A lot of representatives vote with the elites; often in direct contrast to their constituents in order to receive a reward.

Bounties are placed on votes, and with no fear of reaching the end of a term limit, Congress is endlessly rewarded for it while not being held accountable overtime.

We Need to Limit the Length of Term for Congress.

It's Obvious in Law Enforcement

More people are incarcerated in the United States than in any other country at any point in history.  Most of them are minorities and people who have committed victimless crimes.

What’s a victimless crime?

America has a fascination with locking people up for decades because they used an illegal substance…on themselves…in their own home.  Smoking Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level in the United States.  Why?  It can intoxicate you.  So can liquor, and a litany of other drugs which are commonly prescribed.

You can go to prison for up to LIFE in places in the US for even having Marijuana nearby.  Under federal law, you can also be labeled a felon, stripped of the right to vote, carry a firearm for your defense or pursue a meaningful career of your choice.  This leads to desperation which often leads to re-incarceration.

Prisons get paid according to the number of people incarcerated.  Why wouldn’t they want more people to collect on?  It’s a morally abhorrent scam.

Our Criminal Justice System is very aggressive for a supposedly free country.

The Police Department polices the community.  They’re bound by duty to protect and serve.  That concept no longer exists.  Law Enforcement enforces laws; any law written and passed, without regard to whom it will affect and how.  They are authorized to enforce these laws under any circumstance, even if that must result in death.  Any policing they do in their work is coincidental.  They’re absolutely agents of the state, and they’ll absolutely violate you on their behalf.

FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA, JTTF, ATF, and the rest of them are cops. They work for the state to carry out its will upon the people whether it’s constitutional or not.  It is well established that their tactics are fragrantly illegal.  Who cares?  They’re federal agents.  Who’s going to arrest them?

Due to their status as law enforcers, they are legally exempt from having to face consequences for killing American people, even if they do so accidentally, negligently, or intentionally and out of malice.  If they will me to die, they can simply kill me.  They can make up fiction to explain how or why i died.  Who will fight for me?  Who else was there?

This must change.  This is an abomination taking place in a Free Nation.  It is a bastardization of Liberty.

It's Obvious in Party Politics.

You want power, control and fame in the most powerful nation on Earth.  You’ll do anything to get there, consequences be damned.  We’re not just talking about the President.

This is an established truth, and this kind of behavior is damaging.  Communities are destroyed over this bullshit.  In a majority of cases, this starts in Congress.

When they have to polarize and radicalize people against each other for the hell of getting into a public office, then you know they’re not doing this right.  They don’t care.

There is absolutely no reason for you to do this unless you intend to create a volatile scenario in order to stay in your position past your prime.  You create the problem, create smaller problems in between and sell yourself as the solution.

If you have to do this to get elected, then you shouldn’t be running in the first place.  This is tell-tale tyranny.

The President is the worst offender.  2016.  2020.  Both years were rampant with politically motivated violence, controversial takes from support and opposition, and just all around dirty politics.  You don’t need to collapse your country every 4 years to win an election, and you don’t need to engineer an international pandemic to cheat in an election.  We’re looking at you, Joe.

Trump was no better.  Trump’s entire platform was to exploit bigotry and deep-seated racism for votes; to gain support by being controversial.  Tweeting non-stop bullshit for free advertising was a strategy for sure, but it was also knowingly cutting deep wounds into America’s way of doing things.

Winning by means of destruction isn’t winning at all if We, The People lose.

It's Obvious in The Media.

I speak from experience.  I was there.  This used to be my livelihood, and it disgusted me.  The lack of ethics or care for the results was demoralizing.  The amount of money in it was absurd, and it was a horrible line of work being told to lie to all of your peers.  I hated it.

Around the clock, people are making a pay check by receiving information, removing what they don’t want you to see, misconstruing context, following a narrative flowchart and pumping the result out to every home, business and cellphone on Earth.

Professional psychologists, information manipulators and friendly faces are employed to give you just enough information to convince you on what they would like you to believe and just enough recent events to make it seem like it isn’t state-funded propaganda.

For every 1,000 views, the publication made 3.48k in ad revenue; more if they collected a subscription.  Their views are consistently in the MILLIONS multiple times per day.  Polarizing, controversial, divisive and plain dramatic writing pulls in more views.

There used to be a saying.  “If it bleeds, it leads”, meaning if it was a tragedy, it sold, and sold well.  That motto shifted overtime.  “If it’s seen, we’re in the green.”  Algorithms are altered and manipulated to prioritize propaganda, sponsored opinions, endorsements, suggestions, marketing and all of that bullshit.  Ads are everywhere, and data is harvested from you in order to sell more to you.

If the news is told not to like you, they will make it known.  The editor will conspire against you; I’ve seen it in person.  If they are told to humiliate you, they’ll do so without hesitation.

This news makes its way to radical social influencers; monoliths with innumerable followers who will exploit lacks in context or outright fiction written in opposition to you to share with the masses to mock you, humiliate you and intimidate you to stand down, shut up and fade into obscurity.  Their tactics are relentless and cruel.  They want you quiet, or you will be tortured socially until you are quiet, or until you vanish.

Don’t mistake this for an exaggeration.  That used to be my day job.  I couldn’t stand it.  I am not proud of it, and I am glad I am no longer involved with it.

It's Obvious in Our Social Setting.

Some things are so engrained in our way of being, that people can’t conceive that they’re problems.  That’s how successful this shit is in changing people.

The social fabric of this country is so deeply polluted that it is now crazy to criticize a system that taxes you to death and uses the money to violate you.  Demanding Liberty, which is guaranteed and entitled to us by our conception is considered extreme.  Reserving our rights to fix what is broken is considered immoral.

They’re painting the honest folks to be the bad guys.  After all of these things that have been explained, we’re crazy extremists for pointing them out?  I am beginning to be skeptical of who is crazy here.

Our ability to think critically and have an understanding of reality is diminished.  Our right to have an opinion is nullified if we have the wrong opinion.  Our right to speak is suspended if we say certain things.  Our right to move is on the move, and we’re crazy because we don’t let this happen?  Fuck that.

We’re losing the social battle to keep what makes us American intact.  Mindless droves of brainwashed people have no idea that if it isn’t for what we’re fighting for, they’d have no platform by which they can live their own lives.  They won’t fight for their rights, but we’re doing so for them.  As a result, we’re categorized and locked away as defective.  We really are losing ground fast.

We need to redefine our social priorities and raise awareness of the dangers presented by naming precedented expressions of freedom “extremist content.”

It's Obvious On The Internet.

If you’re here, you’ve seen this in action.  Censorship is no joke.  The same people in power will make sure they can stay there.  What’s the easiest way to shut up a critic?  You delete what they wrote, and you stop them from writing it again.

The internet was never open and accessible.  Anybody could say what they wanted to without fearing the consequences.  That’s true, but if the admin didn’t like it, they could delete it.

Take that concept and make Government the admin.  Now you’re in a heap of shit.  That’s what happened to Ross Ulbricht, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Jeff McAffee.  Don’t believe for a second that it can’t happen to you.  It’s already in motion.

Truth is, it’s truth.  More and more, the Government is regulating what can and can’t be said or sent online.  They pay enforcers at various Federal Authorities to intervene when you do something they don’t want you to.  Just when it looked like the internet would be a safe haven for Liberty, they locked it down.

Fortunately, there are still some untouched depths of the internet where the hands of Government haven’t travelled.  They’re trying their best.  We’re resisting with everything we’ve got.

It is imperative to keep the internet safe and free while we’re ahead.

What Do We Do About It?

Do Not Accept This Evolving System That Aims To Destroy You. Reject It. Do Not Participate In It. Make It Change To Acknowledge and Respect You.

Disenfranchise Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media is untruthful, malicious, inept to criticism, yet they are dependent on funding.  They don’t serve the purpose they used to.  They serve themselves at any cost.

They’re driven by greed which is fueled by credibility from a bygone era and the continuity afforded to them by staying relevant.  With no viewers, they do not make money on ads or subscriptions.  With no funding, they can’t continue to keep relevant, and they become unable to continue unless they change their business model.

Here’s What To Do

Simply cut them off.  Stop watching their programming.  Ignore their content. Block their advertisements. Get better, more accurate, ethically sound and reliable news from somewhere else.

Educate people about how they get their funding, what they do to continue to be relevant, and what they do to create a controversy that sells.  Expose their business model.  Exploit their business model.  Make them change their business model.

Let people know that they’re getting sold on intentionally divisive content without care to inform the public.  Make it known that there are incentives for advocating particular viewpoints and cutting out others.

Advocate that mainstream information is skewed and that context is deliberately stripped away from any information they want to broadcast so that they can make good on publicity contracts, slander upselling, campaign advertising and get PAID TWICE by the views on content and by the commission on their contract.

By all means, let it be known that their industry relies more on lies and endorsement than it does on truth and information; a disturbing contrast to their entire purpose of conception.

Reform or Abolish Law Enforcement

A society does not improve when it finds every reason to punish you.  A community is not safe because you locked up a pothead.  Nor is it safe when you prosecute somebody who has committed a crime against the State. Victimless crime is a scam used to incarcerate high quantities of people in order to secure the maximum amount state funding to State Police Agencies; shell organizations operating as Law Enforcers. Those funds are always embezzled into other agencies for other agendas.

The hard truth is that we need to end the concept of “law enforcement” and return to the concept of sheriff-headed community policing. Law enforcers enforce laws; whatever laws are written, regardless of whether they take into account the rights and safety of the people.  They are told to do this by any means necessary, even if they must kill. 

Law enforcers are not held responsible for killing American people, even if by accident.  The concept of Qualified Immunity is to blame.  By the Law Enforcement Agency’s own assessments, an officer is deemed proficient and qualified.  Thus, if they deem it necessary to kill, they need fear no discipline. 

This excuse by the police for the police is unacceptable to be present in a free country. Any policing carried out by Law Enforcers is a coincidence.  They are not Police Departments.  They are fronts for Government entities to force compliance upon the people.  They are often elevated US territory Highway Patrol, State Police or Metropolitan SWAT.

They are not held to conviction and accountability by the People.  They are immune to consequence.  They are above the law because they enforce the law. This must not be allowed to continue.

This system does not carry out justice.  This system does not bring peace to any community.  We want to elect the person that is responsible for assuring that our communities are safe, and hold them accountable to that responsibility.  That is the role of a sheriff in the county of a State in this union who oversees the police in the cities.  If we can’t do that, then just get them out of the way and let us do it ourselves, directly.

No crime is ever committed that does not include a victim.  The state cannot be the victim of a crime, for they are an entity of concept and not an entity of being.  The People can be a victim, for they, an entity of being may request the intervention of the State to prosecute on their behalf.

Hold Reckless Politicians Accountable

There is no reason that we should have to be at each other’s throats every time there is an election.  

Politicians know exactly what they’re doing when they do this.  They create issues and breed fights between identity groups nearing an election in order to sell themselves as the solution. 

We’re not stupid.  We know what’s going on and we refuse to let them exploit people or harm people in order to get a vote at the polls.  This is textbook tyranny.  By polarizing a populace on specific issues, they can distract them long enough to do things undercover.

Politicians, we have news for you.  This shit will end promptly.

We will relentlessly advocate against these practices.  There will be no end to our efforts to educate people on this garbage.  Have the need arise this, we’ll get serious about physical opposition. 

Violating the peace of the people for political gains is most certainly aggressive.  Our philosophy as liberty-loving people is built around the NAP, or Non-Aggression Principle.  It states in the absence of aggressive or harmful direct action, we’ll also show no aggression.  I think you can see the point from here.

Make Advocacy Acceptable Again

Your advocacy does not make you an extremist.  Unwarranted, random violence with a political undertone does.

Society has declared that advocacy for liberty is somehow selfish, racist, oppressive and extreme.  This is bullshit.  Liberty is for everyone.  None of your human traits afford you any more or any less access to live your life as you see fit to live it.

We’re bold people.  Our drive to survive with our Liberty assured is more powerful than any force we may combat.  No obstacle shall stand to stop us, or it shall drop dead.  

People need to be reminded that nobody else is going to be fighting for them.  Nobody else will be advocating for Liberty.   There will be no refuge when we’re out of the picture.  This is the last stand.  If we fall, Liberty falls.  We intend to fight to the death to remain standing.

We intend to tell our critics that they will be of no use to halt us.  No matter how we’re painted socially, we’re going to do what we came to do.  If it upsets them, so be it.  America once upset the largest military power on Earth, and they won.