Branding Changes, and Page Direction Update

If you’ve visited before, you might see that some things are a little different.  Some pages have been unpublished and the branding has changed.

That’s what this post is about.

This page is now home to the Untyranny Caucus, which has been branded outwardly as “Voices Against Tyranny.”  This caucus used to be called the “Redacted Caucus”, specifically the Hewitt, TX based “Redacted Caucus Liberty Movement.”

Recent developments in the caucus which included a branding dispute have caused the caucus to rename, and to seek a point of digital presence.  The Untyranny domain has been lent to the cause of putting the caucus online under a suitable name.

What does this mean for Untyranny?

We’re still here.  Same administrators, same people.  We just have a caucus now.  We’re very excited for this change, and I think you’ll like what we’re doing.  Check in from time to time to see what gets done!

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